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paper sculpture

Reading a book is both a tactile and visual experience and these pieces have come from exploring their potential as sculptural objects and the tactile transformation that brings. I use Japanese techniques of origami and kirigami to fold and cut the book, gradually changing its structure to become an entirely different object whilst still retaining its ‘bookish’ essence. Cutting into the pages fragments the print and images so the original content and printed layout of the book will contribute its own unique pattern and the tactile properties of the book are changed forever.  Applied images from other parts of my work give added depth shape and colour to the finished piece.


Not every book will respond to the process and there is always an element of risk involved so finished piece are the result of many experiments with different bindings and papers. In the process I learn to embrace imperfections and allow the book to contribute something of itself back to the finished piece.


i love Paris
Metamorphosis 1 copy
Metamorphosis 3 copy
Metamorphosis 2 copy
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