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Papa's Tree


Height: 25cm, Width: 30cm

Papa's Tree detail.jpg
Shaded Corner in a Hot Land.JPG

My Dad started painting very late in life - something none of us could ever have imagined him doing. To us he'd always been an academic, a teacher and champion of life long learning and then Mum died and here was a different Dad - paint spattered and clearly relishing his new found passion. He was fearless about trying anything new and responded to learning with a totally open mind. His great delight was to spend weeks on residential courses, totally absorbed in soaking up the teaching and applying it to some new piece of work. West Dean was a very special place for him and he blossomed each time he went there. He kept painting  one particular tree many times, each one more abstract than the last. I was so proud to take him to the EAC Awards celebration tea at the House of Lords when he was awarded  'Highly Commended' for his finished piece.


Dad died in April 2015 and Papa's Tree is a piece I made shortly after. It's my dedication to my remarkable Dad - a tree in my own style.  


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